About P. J. Stewart


I am a Chicago artist.  In my store you will find assemblages, paintings, drawings, sculptures, greeting cards, and jewelry, all of it, done by me.  As a child, I drew, I colored, and I painted.  I assembled puzzles and clothed paper dolls. I loved dot-to-dot and popular at that time, I would examine intricate drawings to locate the hidden images.  My teachers ignored the fact that I was more interested in drawing on the backs of my math papers than correctly solving the problems on the front.  Much to the dismay of my parents I would take apart clocks, toys, and dolls, but to their astonishment I would accurately reassemble them. I studied how my dad could repair our washing machine and tinker with his car.  I remember watching him install our new drop ceiling and that's how I knew I loved building things.  I would make rubber band guns using pop cycle sticks and bottle caps for the kids in the neighborhood.  I could replace bicycle tires and adjust brakes. I was fascinated with my grandmother's Singer sewing machine that was powered with a foot peddle so I took sewing classes in high school and considered fashion design as a major in college.  I didn’t realize that drawing, though easy for me, was not easy for everyone.  Though I was criticized for always drawing, I eventually learned that the ability to create art is a gift.  I pray that my viewers find something in my collection that is as meaningful to them to appreciate.

Patricia James Stewart's engaging works are handled and composed in a style that is as distinctive as her signature. Her works shatter tradition while her imaginative techniques dance with color and grace.  She illustrates the connections among cultures and arranges them with poetic intent for sake of communication.  “It is through my art that I divulge the movement, depth, and tensions of the world.  I reveal the twists and turns of the human spirit.  It is about the things that we do. It's about the how to and why not.  It is about our daily aspirations, its inspirations and what we actually accept or reject.”

We must take charge of our successes and minimize our disappointments.  We should minimize our limitations, for it is through observation, imitation, and practice that we build undeniable relationships and appreciation for our existence.
P.J. Stewart was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois.  She is a graduate of the College of Communications from Southern Illinois University and received her master’s degree in Educational Administration and Supervision from Chicago State University.  I taught elementary school for ten years, and secondary art education for 20.  I was the Art Curriculum Coordinator through which I developed the Structured Curriculum for the Visual Arts, the Curriculum Guide for the WPA Murals, and conducted workshops for teachers, approved and evaluated art programs for the Chicago Public Schools. I wrote the art curriculum for Gallery 37 and designed the curriculum for eta Creative Arts Foundation’s future Charter School. I eventually became a Standards Based Curriculum Coach before returning to the classroom.   After retiring from an exciting career at the Chicago Public Schools I have been creating and exhibiting in galleries throughout the United States. 
The Bridgeport Art Center at 3500 South Racine, opens their doors every third Friday from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.  Patricia James--Stewart is the proud owner of Studio 3140, Wet Paint Brush at that location.   Please make an appointment for any other time.  My beautiful studio is an intimate environment and is available for meetings and small events. Revisit this site for dates and times of juried art shows, art parties, meetings, lectures, and art classes for both kids and adults.  
Through my art I reveal the Integrity of the Human Spirit, the Sensitivities of Life, the Unity of Family, the Fidelity of Friends, and Pride in my Heritage.
Contact me by phone (773) 343-4074, message me though Facebook, or email me at www.wetpaintbrush@msn.com.