About P. J. Stewart


“It is through my art that I divulge the movement, depth, and tensions of the world.  I reveal the twists and turns of the human spirit.  It is about the things that we do. It's about the how to and why not.  It is about our daily aspirations, its inspirations and what we actually accept or reject.” I reveal the Integrity of the Human Spirit, the Sensitivities of Life, the Unity of Family, the Fidelity of Friends, and Pride in my Heritage. 

P.J. Stewart is 100% Chicagoan. She graduated from Southern Illinois University and Chicago State University.  She taught elementary school and art 7--12.  As Art Curriculum Coordinator she conducted teacher workshops, evaluated arts programs and developed art curriculum guides for various institutions.  Retired from CPS she became a member of Artisans 21 and is now the owner of Studio 3140-WPB at the Bridgeport Art Center. Mrs. Stewart works have been exhibited in arts institutions nationwide.

Contact me by phone (773) 343-4074, message me though Facebook, or email me at www.wetpaintbrush@msn.com.

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