Spirits Among Us

Spirits Among Us


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"Ancient Spirits" is a kinetic sculpture in which I used natural and self-made objects. 48" x 28"
                   Ancient Spirits
Inspired by the spirits of their leaders
Graced with talents and zeal
These are the spirits of our ancestors.

These are the spirits that surround us.
They entertain, heal, and provide for us
They build foundations for our support
They promote our strengths and integrity
They bolster our pride in our Heritage.

We must seek the influence of these spirits
For when we contact them, they do answer
When the guide us they give us sight
When they encourage us we succeed.

They interact with us through our imaginations
They connect to us through our ministries
They interface with us through our logic
They embrace us through our hearts

Some spirits are straight forward
As they lead us to our destinations
Every spirit is unique
Every life needs to find theirs.

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