Making Masks

I am making masks because the CDC suggested to everybody who can sew to make masks, so I jumped right on it.  These tiny things have a big job.  They are needed to help keep people safe from the COVID 19 virus. We've been asked to cover our nose and mouths with fabric masks designed under certain stipulations.  These masks are not medical supplies but necessities to protect us from needing medical supplies. I posted these masks on FaceBook.  No later than a week later FaceBook nullified my posts.  They claimed that these masks were medical supplies so the masks were not approved and the "request" to post them was DENIED. I was shocked!  Denied? Why masks?  Why not the elastic that's suddenly being sold to help masks fit properly?  What about the back brace that I purchased due to the ad that was on FaceBook? Well anyway, I feel better getting that off my chest.

These masks are well made with an adjustable nose wire, elastic, and a protective lining. 

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